HD Homes in Fort Worth Cultural District

April 10, 2012

Just about every single day I get an email or a phone call from a non-Fort Worthian asking about the Fort Worth Cultural District. They want to know what its all about, what there is to do there and what makes it so great. I usually ask them how much time they have to chat. Hold onto your hats. If you havent been to the Fort Worth Cultural District in the last five years or soyou need to come and check it out. When people talk about the Renaissance of Fort Worth it starts with the fantastic... [read more]

Texas Economy Must be Turning Around

February 22, 2012

Going into 2012 I think everyone in the housing and construction business was a little apprehensive. What was 2012 going to look like for sales and success? HD Homes had a great 2011 overall...we grew our business by 44 and really started establishing our footing in the communities we're building and continued to see fruits of our branding labor. But would that continue into 2012? Everyone always says, "Oh in an election year things slow down and get crazy," and I can totally understand that... [read more]

Fun with Selections!

December 30, 2011

So many times prospective HD Homes buyers say "well what's included in our new home?????" My answer is "well what do you want in your home to make it uniquely yours?" This usually makes the buyer sit back and think for a moment and then you can see their eyes get wide with excitement. HD Homes has set up the selection and option process in such a fun and exciting way that each home will be unique where buyers get to have a major influence on how their home looks and feels. In 2010 HD Homes m... [read more]

Why Painted Brick Homes?

November 8, 2011

It's so interesting to visit with other builders, sales people and buyers of new homes across the country. Styles are different. Floor plans are different. Tastes are certainly different. Materials are different. I was at a training class about 2 years ago and we were discussing overcoming objections--always a good topic when you get a bunch of sales people in the room. Some threw out objections like "the bedrooms are too small" or "it doesn't have a basement" or even the "the pool isn't b... [read more]

What does green building really mean?

October 18, 2011

It seems that you can't go anywhere and not hear about something being "green." There are green items in clothing, food products, cars, gas, materials and of course...Green Homes. What the heck does it really mean though? Surely not everyone is "green" are they? I would contend that the initial Green Movement started out as a positive and trying to benefit the environment, but has quickly turned into a buzz word that 100 of just about every market now claims...and that's just simply not true... [read more]

Importance of a Valued Lender

September 23, 2011

So often we have customers who come to visit HD Homes with a pre-qualification letter from a lender in their hands. "Good for you" I always tell them...that means 1) they're serious and 2) they should have a good idea as to what they can afford. There is nothing more frustrating to a new home seeker to find a home that will be perfect for them, only to find out they don't have the ability to qualify for the home...big time let down. HD Homes implemented the Valued Lender Program about 3 years... [read more]

Lago Vista: The Friendliest Neighborhood Around

September 9, 2011

Welcome to the gated neighborhood of Lago Vista. I could ramble on and on about the homes and what HD Homes is building in this great community, but that's all over our Website already (and if you don't know just call and we'll be glad to assist you) but what I want to help you with is to tell you how this is the "friendliest community in the area!" I have been around new home construction since I was probably 15-years-old, the owner of HD Homes, James R. Harris, has been developing land and ne... [read more]

Welcome to HD Homes

September 2, 2011

Awwwwww yeah...the HD Homes Official Blog Page. Anyone that knows me knew it was just a matter of time before I was able to get a blog page on the HD Homes Website. Special thanks to Zack Smith at Uplyft Creative for making it happen and rocking the kazzzbaugh on Web design and all that good stuff. Welcome to HD Homes. I hope you have taken the time to look over our site and become familiar with HD Homes and the new, great homes we are building in the Ft. Worth area-- The Villas at Fossil Creek... [read more]

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